Akamai 推出 Akamai Media Acceleration 用 QUIC 來改善網際網路連線

2017-03-23 Streaming

在 3/21 的時候 Akami 推出 Akamai Media Acceleration 服務,主要是希望提昇 OTT (Over-the-Top) 使用者的視訊品質,傳送最適合設備的功能、網路類型、解析度影片,其亮點是使用 Google 開發的協定 QUIC 即為快速 UDP 網路連線

在這之前 QUIC 是一個實現性的協定,但 Akami 正式推出產品並且使用 QUIC,並且首間採用 Akamai Media Acceleration 的 Vimeo 高畫質影音串流平台公司


As a part of its UDP-based delivery optimizations that are designed to maximize video throughput on a global scale, Akamai is leveraging emerging standards, including Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC), to help drive customer adoption of Media Acceleration. The capabilities can improve the speed, quality and consistency by which content is delivered over the open Internet while mitigating the degradation that often occurs in the last mile and few feet of a network – even inside the home.


話說 UDP 都已經演進這麼久了,也是該有新的協定來取代高效率的網際網路時代



TCP 在緩緩吧 ..


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