AWS re:INVENT 2017 讓 Aurora 也能 Multi Master – Preview

2017-12-02 AWS, AWS re:invent

一樣也是在 AWS re:INVENT 2017 推出的菜 Aurora Multi Master「Sign Up for the Preview of Amazon Aurora Multi-Master」,這個有點屌,提供多個 Master R / W 而且可以跨 Region

Amazon Aurora Multi-Master allows you to create multiple read/write master instances across multiple Availability Zones.


多點同時寫入在 SQL 中一直存在分布一致性的問題,現在 AWS 直接幫你解決這塊,不知道之後有沒有機會釋出作法

This enables applications to read and write data to multiple database instances in a cluster, just as you can read across Read Replicas today.


目前還在 Preview 階段,支援 MySQL,可以 sign up 測試

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